WK Stool 01

WK Stool 01

The WK Stool 01 features a simple design that showcases the intricate beauty of joinery and the charm of the natural wood materials. Integrated into the stool's seat is a convenient carry handle for portability. Its lightweight, rectangular form ensures excellent practicality and usability in various living environments, instantly indicating the sitting direction and usage. Not only designed for sitting, the WK Stool 01 is a versatile piece that can also be used as a side table, complementing various scenes including sofas, lounge chairs, and bedside tables. A piece that expresses essential functionality in a minimalist form.

SIZE(mm): W360/D315/H440
Hinokikinari (Japanese cypress),
Soil Brown (Castor aralia),
Forest Green (Castor aralia)
DESIGNER:Wataru Kumano

WK Stool 01|三面図
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