WK Shelf Bench Short

WK Shelf
Bench Short

The versatile WK Shelf Bench Short can be used as both a bench and a shelf, adapting to suit changes in both environment and lifestyle. Its simple and calming silhouette creates a warm atmosphere in any space. The legs that support the top panel are machined to fit neatly when stacked vertically. Available in both short and long sizes, you can freely combine multiple units to create your preferred shelf configuration. Its timeless design enhances the display of objects and the impression of the room, offering various possibilities for use. Enjoy its multifunctionality in different settings.

SIZE(mm): W1080/D455/H425/SH422
Hinokikinari (Japanese cypress),
Soil Brown (Castor aralia),
Forest Green (Castor aralia)
DESIGNER: Wataru Kumano

WK Shelf Bench Short|三面図
WK Shelf Bench Short|イメージ1 WK Shelf Bench Short|イメージ2


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