MAS presents new possibilities for wood

Introducing MAS, a woodworking furniture brand born from a dialogue with various woods spread across Japan. By exploring new methods and expressions without being bound by established rules, the company brings to the world valuable products with a universal appeal. Karimoku Furniture appointed Wataru Kumano as design director of MAS for this project, outlining the brand's image and commitment to leading improvements in Japanese forestry and woodworking furniture. The name MAS combines the familiarity of ‘Masu’– a traditional Japanese drinking vessel and measuring cup– with the aspiration to overcome the hurdle of using domestic materials and achieving mass production.

Exploring the new possibilities of wood, MAS focused on the development of furniture using Japan's iconic conifer, Hinoki (Japanese Cypress). The use of soft Hinoki in furniture presents various challenges, yet through Karimoku Furniture's innovative techniques and structural ingenuity, these are overcome, resulting in products that harness the beautiful wood grain, warm touch, and soothing fragrance of Hinoki.

Through its shared design language, MAS embraces the inherent charm of its chosen material, crafting practical forms that harmonize with various environments. With an understated, functional, and inclusive elegance, MAS furniture embodies contemporary utility and aesthetics, creating beautiful landscapes intertwined with people's lives.


Of Japan's approximately 25 million hectares of forested area, artificial forests dominated by coniferous trees such as Cedar and Hinoki cover an estimated 10 million hectares of land. Planted to meet the demands of post-World War II reconstruction, these coniferous trees are now reaching maturity. However, due to increased competition with imported timber and changes in lifestyle, they are not being fully utilized. MAS addresses this situation by actively adopting underutilized and unused coniferous and broad-leaved trees, contributing to sustainable forestry in Japan.