WK Coffee table 01

WK Coffee table 01

A knockdown coffee table that integrates traditional joinery techniques into a contemporary, functional design. Two slits built into the tabletop contribute to its light appearance and also play a functional role in accommodating the contraction and expansion of the wooden material. In addition, the edge of the table surface is slightly raised, similar to a tray, in order to provide good grip when handling and prevent items from falling off. With a convenient 60cm size, the square table can be enjoyed in various coordinations – complementing the WK Lounge chair 01 or as a center table in front of sofa seating.

SIZE(mm): W600/D600/H510
Hinokikinari (Japanese cypress),
Soil Brown (Castor aralia),
Forest Green (Castor aralia)
DESIGNER: Wataru Kumano

WK Coffee table 01|三面図
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