Milan Design Week 2024: MAS – PROJECT HINOKI –

MAS’s first solo exhibition abroad since its establishment in 2021.

The venue will have two areas: the front section, curated by Ville Kokkonen, one of the designers of MAS. This area will be dedicated to Ville Kokkonen’s research on the cypress tree, the core material of the brand. Beginning with the ecology of the cypress and its characteristics as a material. Ville Kokkonen will present the historical and cultural background of the cypress, which has been used as a construction material for temples and shrines, as a tool in daily life, and in various other ways in Japanese culture since ancient times.

The latter part of the exhibition will showcase the latest MAS collection, including products produced in the new colors ‘Forest Green’ and ‘Soil Brown’, along with three prototypes designed by Wataru Kumano, Daniel Rybakken, and Ville Kokkonen.

Through an approach that uses all five senses, the exhibition aims to communicate the fascination and potential of the cypress tree to the world. There will be a fragrance presentation inside using the aroma of cypress. The venue will be furnished by stylist Fumiko Sakuhara, and decorated with selected items by Sakuhara, including artworks by calligrapher Daichiro Shinjo.